Grey Blending: A pigmented treatment for grey hair!



Over the past year and a half many of you have started to embrace your natural grey, with professional root touch ups being out of reach due to multiple lockdowns, it kick started the growing out process. Yes, having your natural colour hair is low commitment but there are endless possibilities with grey hair and ones that will never go out of style!

Like all hair types and colours, naturally grey hair comes with it own set of challenges. It can appear dull, lack dimension and is even prone to turning yellow. Products for grey hair have been extremely limited, with purple shampoos not lasting quite long enough and glossings and toners proving too high maintenance.

Wella have decided that enough is enough and have developed “silver glow by true grey,” this is a new set of dedicated treatments that allows you to enhance and celebrate your natural grey hair.


So, what is true grey?

It is a treatment service with a silver boosting twist, it will revitalize and enhances natural grey while reducing the yellow tones. The best part of all, all treatments are completely damage and ammonia free so you can add a little sparkle to your hair without putting stress on the hair.

Talk to your stylist to find out more!

true grey