OLAPLEX - Insurance for your hair

OLAPLEX has become a household name due to its revolutionary bond building haircare products

 The hair industry has seen nothing like this before!

hair bond


Your hair contains millions of disulfide bonds which act like scaffolding for the hair.

It gives it the hair it’s structure, strength, and stability. When the scaffolding (the bonds) are broken, the structure of the hair becomes unstable resulting in damaged hair.

If you’re someone that has damaged hair and is on a mission to get it healthy, not only is OLAPLEX going to become your new best friend, but you need to understand what is causing these broken bonds to correct it.

So, what causes these broken bonds?


Thermal factors:  High levels of heat from styling tools such as irons, blow dryers and curling irons.

Chemical factors: Colours and perming

Mechanical Factors: Brushing, tugging on wet hair and friction

Environmental Factors: UV damage, humidity, hot/cold conditions, pollution


In the salon we offer a bond building treatment, this can be added into your backwash service or included in your colouring process.

We do recommend using the OLAPLEX  home care products to keep those bonds continuously building back up before your next OLAPLEX in-salon treatment.

You will only achieve strong, healthy hair once all the disulfide bonds are intact and in alignment, this is exactly what OLAPLEX is designed to do; restore damage and compromised hair by rebuilding the broken bonds, repairing it from the inside out. There are 8 products to cover all your hair care needs, whether it be shampoo, treatments, heat protection or styling there is something in the OLAPLEX range for you.